Our fundraising efforts are of vital importance so we can support our Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM). Because of our PTA’s leadership, volunteer commitments, and parent support through these special fundraising opportunities, we are able to do so much. Without adequate funding, though, we would be forced to make some tough decisions.

We want our students to have the best experience possible during their time at RNE. Thank you in advance for all you do to make that possible!

Click here for details on our big annual fundraiser with Great American Opportunities. The success of our SEM (Student Enrichment Model) [link to this page here] initiative is dependent upon the success of this fundraiser. Our goal is 100% participation – from every RNE family!

Below, please find some easy and quick ways to raise money year-round for our PTA’s events and programs. It’s likely you already use these companies and services for your household utilities, groceries, or other purchases. When you take advantage of these fundraising opportunities, a small portion will be donated back to the PTA. Every dollar raised makes a difference! Please take just a moment to sign up.




  1. Clip the Box Tops label from participating products (click here [link to] for an up-to-date list).
  2. Save them at home (you can use this sheet [link to file:///C:/Users/Admin/Downloads/FlyAKite_EN.pdf] if it helps).
  3. Return them during our campaigns throughout the year (we’ll announce the dates in advance).
  4. Bonus Opportunities
    1. Enter a Box Tops Sweepstakes:
    2. Download and use the Box Tops app:
    3. Sign up for coupons, samples, and special ways to win even more Box Tops for RNE:




  1. Get your free Publix Partners card at any RNE event. You can also pick one up next time you’re at Publix – just make sure to tell them it’s for the Roswell North Elementary PTA.
  2. Each time you shop, have the cashier scan your card during checkout. 
  3. RNE will automatically receive a percentage of your bill.