Artist Day - MARCH 28, 2019

RNE (school-wide activities)
Artist Day at RNE allows students to encounter the arts with all their own senses.
The children rotate through classrooms, watching and participating in presentations and demonstrations as they go.
We offer fantastic first-hand ways to experience the arts – visual, performing, and even culinary! The program boasts a great variety of artists, musicians, puppeteers, dancers, storytellers, improv experts, and more.
We laugh, play, and learn all day – it’s truly the artist’s life!
If you have any ideas for Artist Day or would like to help out, please join our planning team! Contact any of our co-chairs for more details:
Kristi Connell ( [email link]
Robyn Melhuish ( [email link]
Kendra Pope ( [email link]
[To be confirmed/added: past photos, 2017 date, any other details, artists/events/activities as they are confirmed, agenda, what to do about lunch/special notes]